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Zenoxx Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd believes that technical knowledge enhancement and soft skills are essential for any company in order to optimize the efficiency of its workforce, and for its business growth.

Zenoxx Knowledge Services offers bespoke training solutions to organizations and professionals which are not only upgrading their technical and soft skills but also optimizing their efficiency, and improving customer service.we provides IT /Non IT Corporate Training in India.

Zenoxx understands that companies value their workforce not just from the business perspective but also as professionals who are committed and responsible. By enhancing their skills regularly, companies can not only illustrates their commitment towards their employees but create a positive and enriching work atmosphere.

Its core team consists of reputed professionals whose own experience is as rich and diverse as its portfolio of clients.

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To be chosen and appreciated by our customers for providing top of the line Training solutions, coupled with creativity and out of the box thinking, translating into personal & organisational excellence.


A top of the line contact, for providing bespoke training solutions, designed to meet the evolving needs of professionals and companies, leading to optimizing efficiencies, and ensuring and career advancement.


Innovation & Continuous Improvement, Authenticity and Integrity and Respect in the Workplace

History of Zenoxx Knowledge

Zenoxx Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd was started in 2002 by Sushil Gupta, who is among the first generation graduates of the IT training courses that gripped India in the early 90s.

In many ways, starting Zenoxx Knowledge Services was a logical culmination for Sushil Gupta.

His passion for education, inclination towards entrepreneurship and two decades of experience in the IT sector made it not only a natural choice but also gave him a professional advantage, which he was only too willing to share with his clients.

The constantly evolving corporate and IT sector needs knowledge enrichment on a regular basis in order to keep pace with new and changing versions in software or IT related services. As a marketing professional, Sushil Gupta was able to develop customized training solutions that benefitted a variety of clients – right from start-ups to pioneering IT Training companies.

As a result, Zenoxx grew from strength to strength in a fiercely competitive professional training market.

Since he started Zenoxx Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd , Sushil Gupta developed a robust network of resource persons, and a clientele base looking for customized training solutions from industry experts.  In the course of his professional journey, Sushil has worked with several blue chip companies including IBM and NIIT.









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