Campus to Corporate Link Initiative Program

Getting a Job is all about opportunities and employability. So, its important that one should prepare themselves well before the opportunities knock your door. One need to have:

  • Knowledge of Hot Jobs
  • Access to Recruiting Companies
  • Knowledge and Skills

Current Market Scenario :

As many as 97% of graduating engineers want jobs either in software or core engineering. But, only 3% have suitable skills to be employed in software or product market and only 7% can handle core engineering tasks.

Industry Recruitment Challenge

Articulation ability

Inability to corelate concepts

Poor aptitude skills

Poor aptitude skills

Weak communication

Not able to apply knowledge

No confidence about basics

Lack of hands on experience

Why College Link Initiative Program?

“The Campus to Corporate Link Initiative Program” is most unique program that helps the students to get the nag of new technologies and make them industry-ready professionals. This also gives student a taste of new technologies so that they have edge on others during their Selection Process.”

How this helps the student

  • Getting awareness about current trends and the job opportunities that are available.
  • Helps the student to decider his or her career Road Map
  • Getting opportunity to upgrade on Technical & General Skills that makes them ready for the job by bridging the knowledge gap.
  • Helps the students to transform their personality that’s ready by Day 1 of their corporate life.

Career Tracks

  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Block Chain
  • Java Full Stack
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Testing
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Digital Technologies
  • Database → Java
  • Database → .Net

Hands-on Project

During the Program the students get to work on projects which give them a real time exposure of what is actually happing in the industry, moreover this enables them to pen down the project details in there CV’s which certainly builds up a confidence on them during the technical interview.

How this helps the College?

In today competitive world, placement has become a challenging task. Getting the student ready for the corporate world both in terms of hard skills and soft skills have become an important responsibility of the institution. So the job-oriented training plays an important role in shaping up the career goals of the students.

  • Improved Word of Mouth of the college
  • Industry starts noticing
  • Increased College revenues
  • Effective placement drive
  • Win-Win Situation to College, students & Parents.








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