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Education today is not merely a great academic background but is hugely dependent on one’s ability to project a positive image about them; an image which not only displays confidence but leaves a lasting impact. The right attitude, external techniques, communication skills and interpersonal ability plays a very vital role in honing a successful individual.

Personal mastery – Is a process of developing and enhancing one’s personality that helps an individual to gain confidence and high self-esteem and most importantly stepping out of the comfort zone.

By doing so it has a good impact on one’s communication skills and the way he/she sees the world. It results in individuals developing a positive attitude

Our Organization is happy to customize programs that focus on an intensive curriculum for overall personal development. The sheer diversity of nationalities in Cupid schools provides students with a unique opportunity to interact with students from around the world, enhancing their experience of other cultures and belief systems for a unique international learning perspective.

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How do we do it?

Zenoxx teaches your child the skills and confidence needed to achieve success in the classroom and beyond. Our Organization is happy to customize programs that focus on an intensive curriculum for overall personal development. SMALL CLASSES, BIG RESULTS. Small class sizes balance hands-on instruction from trained tutors with independent work so that every student gets a personalized learning experience. We are highly trained to teach thinking and learning strategies to help your child make sense of everything, we prepare students to tackle their readiness tests with confidence.

Training Activities

These activities would bring out their real-time thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This will encourage realization and rethink.

Audio Visuals

These will help them understand the concepts being discussed. They will also show real-life examples to encourage behavioural change.

Role Plays

It will help participants practice the skills taught. They will also enable participants to gauge other’s performance and learn from their strengths and their mistakes.

Participant Handouts

The handout will serve as a workbook during the workshop to enhance learning. They will also serve as a tangible reference material for future use.

Group Discussion

This will help us to understand the sentiments of the batch. This will also help them to get different perspectives which eventually should induce changes within.

Our Learning modules

  • i-Step out – Coming out of Comfort Zone
  • i-Receive – The Art of Receiving Feedback
  • i-Master – Personal Mastery
  • i-Converse – Social & Interpersonal Skills, Values, Behaviour & Code of Conduct
  • i-Own – Accountability & Ownership
  • i-Speak – communication Skills
  • i-Value – Values, Behaviour & Code of Conduct
  • i-Manage – Time Management
  • i-Find – Creative Problem Solving
  • i-Deliver – Stand up & Deliver – Art of Public Speaking
  • i-take charge – Setting Goals
  • i-Engage – Summer Camps for Students & Parents
  • i-Present – Power Dressing
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