About the Course

This program is designed for those who are already familiar with the basics of Microsoft Excel who would like to work with more advanced features of MS Excel  that help in improving their  efficiency of working with worksheets, analysing data, creating MIS reports in Excel.

About Trainer

Having more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Training. Have delivered several trainings to National & International Clients. Trained more than 35000 people in Advance Excel. She has excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills. She has imparted trainings to clients like Nestle India, Barclays, Bank of America, Bharat Petroleum, Walmart India, Bank of Tokyo, Citi Bank, NIIT Technologies Ltd, Adidas India and end number of Clients.

Course Coverage

  • Highlight data on basis of cretin condition
  • Add data bar
  • Trend lines
  • Creating Formatting using Simple PivotTables
  • Page Field in a PivotTable
  • Formatting a PivotTable
  • Creating/Modifying a PivotChart
  • Insert Calculated Field (formulas)
  • The Chart Wizard
  • Chart Types
  • Adding Title/Legends/Labels
  • Printing Charts
  • Adding Data to a Chart
  • Formatting/Renaming/Deleting Data Series
  • Changing the Order of Data Series
  • Adding Trend Line, Display data on Secondary Axis
  • IFs and Nested IF Functions
  • Using AND/OR/NOT Functions
  • Using The SUMIF/COUNTIF, COUNTA, RANK Functions
  • Using The MID/ LEFT/ RIGHT Functions
  • Using The TRIM/ UPPER/ LOWER Functions
  • The VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP Functions
  • Input Messages / Error Alerts/ Drop-Down Lists
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Using The TODAY, NOW & DATE Functions
  • Using The DATEDIF/ NETWORKDAYS Functions.

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts and Assignments


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Training Fee

Training Fee – Rs 944 (Including 18% GST) Per Person

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Contact Person – Sushil Gupta@ 91-9560809008
Mail – corporate@zenoxxknowledge.com

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