About the Course

This program introduces to a variety of quantitative methods to analyse the data and make decisions in a very hands-on way. Statistics is the study of data analysis, whereas management science is the study of model building, optimization and decision making. From a user’s standpoint it makes little sense to separate these two. Both are useful in accomplishing data analysis and decision making. Therefore, in this introductory program, we do not distinguish between statistics and the management science. Rather, we view this program as a collection of useful quantitative methods that can be used to analyse data and help make business decisions. In addition, our choice of software helps to integrate the various topics. By using a single package, MS Excel, together with a few add-ins, you will see that the methods of statistics and management science are similar in many important respects. Most importantly, their
combination gives you the power and flexibility to solve wide range of Business Problems

About Trainer

With over 14 years of work experience, Shikhar presently is working as a Consultant and Trainer for multiple technical training schools like Great Lakes, Imarticus, Edureka and Simplilearn. He is skilled at designing and implementing Analytics based solutions using Predictive Modelling techniques at both technical & functional level.

Course Coverage

  • Descriptive Measures for Numerical Variables.
  • Descriptive Measures for Categorical Variables.
  • Stats Tool Add-in (only Windows Compatible)
  • Histograms, Scatter Plots and Boxplots Crosstabs
  • Relationship among Variables.
  • Pivot Tables
  • Introduction to Simulation Modelling.
  • Two-Variable Product Mix Model
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Big Product Mix Model
  • Multiperiod Production Model
  • Worker Scheduling Model
  • Transportation Models
  • Aggregate Planning Models
  • Financial Models


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Rs 1,770/- Per Person including Taxes

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