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The corporate training division of Zenoxx Knowledge Services provides bespoke technical training to corporates and working professionals. Through its robust networking and R&D, Zenoxx feels the pulse of various IT and non-IT companies, and accordingly designs and implements training programmes to optimize efficiency levels through knowledge enhancement.

Whether the need for training is being felt to meet a client’s requirement, or to  address internal knowledge gaps, be it to upgrade its technical efficiency levels, or even equalize specific technical skills in a team with diverse backgrounds, Zenoxx works closely with its clients to identify the key deliverables for each training programme, be it for entry level employees or the middle level/senior level managerial cadre.

IT Corporate Training in India

IT Corporate Training

Zenoxx enhances the technical skills set teams to be the drivers of the company’s growth.

Behavioural and Soft skills

Behavioral and soft skills complement the technical expertise and delivery of services in any company.

Functional Training

• Sales Training • LEAN Program
• Financial Management

Cloud solutions

Among Zenoxx’s flagship training services, the participants can get benefit through training in Cloud Solutions.

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